Just once.

For the lovely loudest-subtext-in-television, ivyblossom, and prettyarbitrary for the wonderful meta. Thank you for your hard work! Have some idiots almost-kissing.

loudest-subtext-in-television prettyarbitrary ivyblossom my art sherlockjohnlock almost kiss yay i love kisses and i love meta thank you guys! you work really really hard and i enjoy it so much i sketched this at work hehe my tags are usually a lot longer than this i’ll spare you this time

Ahhhhhhhhh, IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL oh you sweet thing. <3  Augh their expressions floor me.

Also: ah, so that’s what mentions do.  

For the record, for anybody who sees this, I’ve pulled the mention tags out, because um, every time this gets reblogged I get another mention in my activity feed. XD

It’s quite busy in there at the moment.


*hugs the art again*

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