“Benedict (Cumberbatch, who is playing Sherlock) looks amazing. He’s still got a Sherlockian silhouette, with a large overcoat, but in a classic cut. Watson dresses with an urban elegance, a touch of old school dashing, giving a feeling of both the military and medical profession. I suppose it’s something they have in common as well. They’re a bit metrosexual.”
—Martin Freeman

“Sherlock and Watson are a love story”
-Martin Freeman

”Sherlock and Watson meet at the right point in their lives, when they need each other the most. It’s a love story. Sherlock is upset because nobody can see the world the way he does. Watson misses the adrenalin and the constant life or death situations,”
—Martin Freeman

“Obviously it’s Sherlock’s show but there’s far more parity than I think there often is in that relationship. I know [creators] Steven [Moffat] and Mark [Gatiss] primarily wanted the show to be about that relationship as much if not more than anything else. [It’s about the relationship] and how it develops and how it changes and the things that wind each other up, the things that they genuinely sort of love about each other as well. It’s the gayest story in the history of television… People certainly run with that which I’m quite happy with! But we all saw it as a love story. Not just a love story, but those two people who do love each other – a slightly dysfunctional relationship sometimes, but a relationship that works. They get results.”
—-Martin Freeman

“I guess like any friendship, marriage, or whatever it is familiarity breeds more contempt, and more love. They’re just more settled with each other now.”
—Martin Freeman

“Everyone’s been asking us if we’re going any further with the relationship between John and Sherlock, and I’m thinking, well, why not? I really don’t see the problem with it, and Mark (Gatiss) has already asked us if it would be an issue if we were to kiss on screen. Of course he was joking, but I wouldn’t mind at all.”
— Martin Freeman

I think Martin Freeman has read all of our minds O-O (via loveisamayer)

You guys!!!!!!!!

The last bit!!!!!!

WHY NOT!!!!!!!

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Two things:

1: I am always leery of these quote collections, because they are completely disconnected from any context, and filter out anything moderating or even contradictory the person(s) being quoted might also have had to say on the subject.


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