1: In fact I have NOT done one of these before!  Nobody ever asks me to do question memes.

2: I’m pretty sure pomegranates are magical.

3: Birds do have a sense of smell.  It’s about equal to a human’s sense of smell, so as far as any animal besides us and maybe snails are concerned, they almost might as well not have a sense of smell.

4: You didn’t say the ten facts all had to be about me.

5: Non-stick cookware is toxic to birds.  When teflon overheats, it off-gases and can kill them within minutes.  Probably it’s also toxic to humans, but we’re bigger so it bothers us less.  (Still probably best not to use teflon around wee babies, though.)

6: For this reason, and also because I enjoy cooking over fire so much that I want to be eternally ready in case the opportunity presents itself, I do most of my cooking with cast iron.

7: Every year, I fail to put away my Christmas decorations till mid-February.  I still had my little apartment-sized tree up till this past weekend.

8: I love snow.  So much.  I love romping in it, and watching it fall, and the way it gilds trees in white lace and piles up on my wndowsill.  I love walking in it.  Shoveling it.  Driving in it.  Cleaning my car off.  I really really love snow.

9: Odin is my favorite god.

10: I’ve only ever dated one person.  It didn’t go well, which in hindsight was predictable considering that when he asked me, my reason for agreeing was, “Oh what the hell, why not.”  Couple years of my life I’ll never get back.

11: (Because #4 was a ripoff) I don’t regret it, though, because he’s also the only person I’ve had sex with, and that has enriched my smut SO MUCH.

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