He was almost to the TARDIS when a hand latched onto his wrist.


“You’re under arrest,” Vimes said conversationally around his cigar as he tied the Doctor’s hands together.


“Stealing government property,” the Commander continued, making no effort to hide the satisfaction in his voice.


Then it dawned on the Doctor.

“Look, I know it says it’s a police box, but it’s not actually one! And you don’t have police boxes. Or telephones. They’d get stolen as soon as they were put up,” he added.

Vimes grunted. This was, after all, Ankh-Morpork; it was his city, and he’d be damned if he’d let some meddling scarecrow stick his nose where it didn’t belong.

Especially if he avoided getting himself conveniently killed while he was doing it.

Discworld (c) Terry Pratchett; image by Paul Kidby
Doctor Who (c) BBC; screencap from timelordcaps@tumblr, TARDIS from allhopeislost@deviantart

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