Friends; creators; internet denizens… it’s the third weekend of the month… so the Antidiogenes Club is running this weekend!

Here are the (copy-pasted) rules:

  1. Write as much as you can over the weekend.

That’s basically it. (If you’re new around these here parts, you probably want to read these notes on what counts and a further explanation of how it gets counted. [These are the questions which really put the F in our FAQs.])

For my own personal convenience, I am defining “the weekend” as going from Friday, February 21, at 6 pm Pacific (see what time that is in your timezone, or check out the countdown) and Sunday, February 23, at 6 pm Pacific. At 6 pm Pacific on Sunday, I will post a wrap-up/word-count-submission post right here, on The Antidiogenes Club, and if you submit your word count via reply or reblog on that post, it will get included in our weekend tally.

If you want to play along, here is what you can expect:

  1. The chat! We have two main rooms—#antidiogenes for general chat, and -warroom for quiet writing and word wars; most people have been staying logged into both and swapping tabs as needed for their own personal purposes. Both rooms are invite-only, so we, again, are strongly encouraging people to register their nicks and request self-invite privileges before the official writing weekend formally begins. (More info here.)

    Our landing lobby is #crosskeys. If you need troubleshooting help, please send in an ask or log on to #crosskeys and prod a mod. If all you need is a single-time invite, you can request one in #crosskeys by saying the name of a mod who is currently logged in, to get their attention (for example, my client is set to alert me on “gins” and “greywash”).

    The main Antidiogenes chat room (#antidiogenes) is no longer a Sherlock spoiler-free zone. However, we are a writing/creating group, not a more general discussion group, so mods reserve the right to nudge people gently back onto writerly/creatorish topics if chat goes too far down the garden path.

    For the benefit of people (like me) who still have not seen Sherlock S3 and are blacklisting, mods will be using the tag “sherlock spoilers” on announcement posts, if it happens to be appropriate; and -warroom and #crosskeys are not really discussion spaces at all and should be spoiler-free in perpetuity.

  2. We will be running word wars (20 or 30 minute intense writing blasts!!) over in -warroom every now and again. There’s no schedule for these; it’s pretty much someone says “hey anyone want a word war?” and then if enough people say yes someone scrounges up a timer. But these are a quick way to get super productive, super fast.
  3. We’re also queuing up hourly reminder posts on, to ask how it’s going. Feel free to reblog or reply to let us know, and to commiserate with your fellow sufferers.

In our January round, we collectively wrote 59,534 words in our forty-eight hours, just breathing down the neck of Black Beauty, for one weekend of moaning, drinking, thrashing around, and of course, occasionally, writing.

Any and all wordcounts are of course welcome, and if you participate at all, you will win both bragging rights and the official right to post a hideous sparkly word count graphic like this one (from the last round):


…all over your blog/apartment/pets/children/et cetera. o/

This weekend, I will be joined in our monthly modly clown car roaming Tumblr and chat by corpsereviver2, havingbeenbreathedout, pennypaperbrain, otterondeck, and somethingsarenotuptous, with the possibility of a few other familiar faces popping in here and there to cheer you along. o/

Hope to see you there!

– fizzygins


And as ever, you don’t need to be writing Sherlock to join in!  Heck, you don’t even need to be writing fiction.  We’ve got peeps doing original novels, dissertations, term papers, and in one memorable case, their taxes.

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