Ahahaha, oh my god, you mean the hot John-pic, don’t you?  Ahaha, anon, you are awesome.  I am giggling so hard right now, because you’re right.  That was the cattiest comment ever, and I didn’t even mean it. XD

If it helps to establish more context, what I was thinking was, “Holy shit, he is so the opposite of pudgy in that picture.  Dear sweet Jesus.”

I wouldn’t actually call him pudgy in previous seasons, either, unless you’re comparing him to, you know, that.  Although personally I’ve always found the idea that he’s got a bit of soft curve to his tummy to be really adorable and sexy.

I hope you’ll forgive me on the basis of my brain short-circuiting from imagining what he must look like under that shirt.

Sherlock totally has a fat ass, though.  Have you noticed how round and plush that thing is? *_*  Hnnnn.

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