I really haven’t been complaining about the episode, because I love it.  It’s ridiculous and camp and crazy and doesn’t really make that much sense, and it’s JUST LIKE ACD INTENDED and really, look, I don’t care, DID YOU SEE JOHN’S TRAGIC FACE AND HOW LOOKING AT IT NEARLY MADE SHERLOCK BREAK DOWN AND CRY I NEARLY DIED SORRY DID ANYTHING ELSE HAPPEN I WAS DISTRACTED.

But I do just need to throw it out there that when it comes to a final touching conversation to close out the episode, the one we got sucks.  After that whole episode and how badly it hurt John for Sherlock to do what he did, are we really supposed to believe that it’s a bonding moment when the last things they say to each other are “I asked you for a miracle” and “I heard?”  

That’s back to slap-in-the-face territory.  That’s the thing that happened that’s NOT ALRIGHT.  That’s Sherlock saying, “Yes, I know, I was there and I saw you crying and begging me to be alive, and THEN I went off for two years and never told you.”  IT DOESN’T MAKE THINGS BETTER, although it would be a pretty good opener for them to slide right back into an argument.  ”GODDAMMIT SHERLOCK HOW LONG AM I GOING TO KEEP REDISCOVERING WHAT A SHIT FRIEND YOU ARE.”

Forever, John.  Forever.

It’s a good thing you love it.

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