Did your parents know too, that you spent two years playing hide and seek? Maybe.

No sorry.

No no and thrice no.

Don’t accept the whole parent malarkey.

• we don’t see them the whole first two series despite all their press coverage and drama, not even one phonecall or anything

• and you are telling me sherlock told his parents everything, half the homeless network and a bunch of other people about him being alive, but not John?

• not John who literally KILLED FOR SHERLOCK

• not John who OFFERED UP HIS LIFE to save Sherlock’s

• not John who WOULDN’T ACCEPT BRIBES to spy on Sherlock

• not John who faithfully DROPPED EVERYTHING for Sherlock whenever he asked

• no because John can’t be trusted to keep his mouth shut apparently



• ???????!!!!!!???????!!!!!???

I am seriously so angry about that because they are at least 100 fanfictions which dealt better with the fact that Sherlock told some people but not John. All they say about this is “I was worried you would give it all away” and that’s it. NOOOOO. If there were people watching, I bet they would watch his parents. Or would wonder why his parents weren’t at the funeral. I mean that’s kind of telling. 

I think I will read some fanfiction now.

On the one hand, they ARE his parents.  I mean, if there’s anybody on the planet you’re going to tell that you’re not really dead, it’s your parents.  That’s just a sign of humanity.

On the other hand, HIS PARENTS SUCKED AT KEEPING HIS SECRET APPARENTLY.  Jesus.  Not going to their son’s funeral?  Yeah, way to not give the game away.  And he was afraid (based on NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE other than that John writes about him in a blog sometimes and Sherlock thinks he talks too much about stuff Sherlock doesn’t think is important) JOHN would somehow let his secret out?

John could have just not posted in his blog for two years, and nobody would’ve thought it was suspicious.

This is why my personal theory is that Sherlock was just coming up with excuses, and the real reason he never told John was because he’d heard that wish for ‘one last miracle’ and had decided that he was going to surprise John by staging a triumphant return when he was done and granting his wish.

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