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i am very jealous of mary. i know she makes john happy but my selfish heart wants her to be bad or hurt him. i feel terrible for even saying this but imagine her dying or imprisoned and johnlock left with the baby in their apartment? no i am really bad i must not think like this!!

It’s awkward, isn’t it, when the narrative makes you want something that you don’t really want to want?

I love Mary, but I have been trying to imagine all the different possible outcomes: she’s bad, she’s good, she lives and they’re happy, she dies and John’s sad, Sherlock nearly dies saving her, John nearly dies saving her, she dies saving them, she nearly kills John, she lives but loses the baby, etc. etc. etc.

And I think about the narrative, and what it would mean for the show’s configuration if she stays on, vs. what it might mean if she doesn’t.  And if she doesn’t because she’s a bad guy, vs. if she doesn’t because John loses her.

(And I admit, I am a terrible sadistic person who likes it best when John is hurt, so.)

And I’ve decided that I have…thoughts on what I hope happens—my own personal ‘coolest possible thing I can imagine’ scenario.  And it does require her being bad, or at least working for CAM.  (Also it involves awful things happening to John and Sherlock being all distraught.  I AM NOT ASHAMED.)

But there are so many great things that could happen no matter which way they take it that I am pretty much in a happy place right now.

(This is why I was dismayed when I first heard that they would be using Mary Morstan this season.  Because even if she was awesome—especially if she was awesome—her presence in the narrative would cause complications that almost certainly couldn’t be resolved without the female character being either demonized or victimized, and then probably disposed of.  They’ve done better with her than I imagined possible, and I love her—and I will still love her whether she turns out to be on John’s side or not—but this is still true.)

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