The past few days have given us loads of meta on BBC Sherlock in general and The Sign of Three in particular. 

I’m compiling a general list of Sherlock Metas, but in this post, I’d like to focus on general reactions to The Sign of Three.   (It’s necessarily incomplete, but this first Meta Roundup will focus on general reactions and very particular one-off figures like Sholto and Redbeard.  Future Meta Roundups will focus on predictions for HLV, metas on individual characters, metas on the JohnLock relationship, etc.  I welcome your requests.)

Let’s start with a series of posts that offer readers their general reactions. 

(And surely it goes without saying that there’s room in the fandom for joyful squee and significant critique and everything in between.  Please don’t use these links as an opportunity to tell people what they should and should not like.)

Posts that deconstruct the visuals in The Sign of Three

  • The Sign of Red, 221beemine.  In brief: a close examination of the appearance and reappearance of the color red in The Sign of Three.
  • Sequence and Frame Composition, acafanmom.  In brief: Bringing cinematography smarts to bear on analysis of the scene in the chairs
  • Mirror, Mirror, sublim8.  In brief: Brief observation on mirrors in the “I’ve always loved dancing” scene
  • For Science, Jawn, 221beemine.  In brief: A close analysis of the cinematography (with lots of visuals, of course) in TSoT’s drunk-in-the-chairs scene.  Wow.
  • Color in The Sign of Three, a conversation between salsify, mid0nz, and 221beemine.  Another version of this thread with violethuntress here

Thoughts on Major Sholto

Thoughts on the Redbeard reference

And, to wrap up, thoughts on why we love this show—and this fandom

  • This is why we love this show, thecutteralicia. Quotable quote: ”Sherlock S3 is doing something I never expected.  It’s changed the game by allowing Sherlock, the character, to change the game.  It’s not the story of an anti-hero. It’s the story of becoming a hero….This is not a detective show.  It’s a show about a detective.”  
  • You Keep Me Right: My Love Letter to the Fandom, ruinedbyliterature.  In brief: A lovely personal reflection on how supportive fandom can be, intellectually and personally.

If you’d like to suggest some metas to add to my list or request a Meta Roundup (or if you have a correction), just let me know in my ask box.  Happy reading!!!

For those who can’t get enough meta, someone has kindly collected some of it for you!

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